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Oscietra Caviar 125 gr

Oscietra Caviar 125 gr

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$408.00 Regular Price
$285.60Sale Price

Date of expiry 05/08/2024.


    Harvested from Female Russian Sturgeons of 8 to 12 years, farmed in Warmia, the north-eastern part of Poland located in central Europe. It’s prepared by the traditional “Malossol” method which means preserved with only a pinch of salt. Selected by size of eggs and colour, variations from dark grey to dark black. A classic caviar in Russian style, mature and rich in flavour with a long, fresh aftertaste of ocean and fish.


    Free island-wide delivery with a minimum order of $120. 

    The delivery is performed with product in thermo bags, to maintain the cavair in the best conditions possible.

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